iOS 11 & Swift 4 For Beginners. F. Farook, M.Galloway, E. Ganim


This book is meant to be a companion to the iOS 11 and Swift 4 for Beginners course. That means we recommend the following:

  1.  Watch the videos in the course first. Follow along with the hands-on tutorials, and try the challenges, and see if you feel comfortable with the material.
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  3.  If you feel confused or unsure about any sections, then read the corresponding chapters in this book for additional details and practice. We're strong believers in learning via repetition, so the additional practice should help it sink in.

 This book will act as a great reference after you finish the course and are making your own apps. It's sometimes easier to flip through a book to find something you forgot, than to flip through a bunch of videos.

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