NoSQL for Mere Mortals. Dan Sullivan


 The purpose of this book is to help someone with an interest in data to use NoSQL databases to help solve problems. The book is built on the assumption that the reader is not a seasoned database professional. If you are comfortable working with Excel, then you are ready for the topics covered in this book.
With this book, you’ll not only learn about NoSQL databases, but also how to apply design principles and best practices to solve your data management requirements. This is a book that will take you into the internals of NoSQL database management systems to explain how distributed databases work and what to do (and not do) to build scalable, reliable applications.
 The hallmark of this book is pragmatism. Everything in this book is designed to help you use NoSQL databases to solve problems. There is a bit of computer science theory scattered through the pages but only to provide more explanation about certain key topics. If you are well versed in theory, feel free to skip over it.

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