Python for Bioinformatics (2nd edition). Sebastian Bassi


Provides a reliable introduction to programming with Python, making the book accessible to readers without prior programming experience. Contains ready-to-use code applicable to real-world biological problems. All the code included in this book is available in another github repository and can be run online in PythonAnywhere and in the cloud Jupyter Notebook.

In today's data-driven biology, knowledge of programming is essential to turning ideas into a testable hypothesis. Based on the author's extensive experience, Python for Bioinformatics, Second Edition helps biologists master the basics of software development. Without requiring prior knowledge of programming concepts, the book focuses on the easy-to-use but powerful Python computer language.

This new edition is updated universally to Python 3 and is intended not only to help scientists master the basics, but to do more in less time and in a reproducible way. New developments added to this release include NoSQL databases, the Anaconda Python distribution, graphics libraries such as Bokeh, and the use of Github for collaborative development.

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