Black hat Python. Justin Seitz


Application security is something that individual developers are willing to pay and hire for. In this guide, the author will share techniques to protect applications from hacking and attacks, popular tools for analyzing network traffic. You will also learn how to write viruses and protect your applications from them. The guide is perfect for both web programmers and network application developers.

The book covers the following topics:
✔ customize the working environment;
✔ network basics: sockets;
✔ hacking web applications;
✔ virus attacks: Trojan;
✔ have fun with Internet Explorer and more.

➕ relevant material on the topic;
➕ useful safety material;
➕ many interesting examples.

➖ unfortunately, despite the fact that everyone has been using Python 3 for a long time.x, the author of the book preferred to use Python 2.x;
➖ few author explanations of how the code works.

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