Head First JavaScript. Eric T. Freeman and Elisabeth Robson


Today you will not be understood if your web application is not dynamic enough and responsive to user action. For all this is responsible for one of the most popular programming language — javascript. The book is designed exclusively for beginners, and from it you will learn not only about the basics of the language, but also about why different browsers react differently to the code and how to write universal code. The main advantage of the book can be considered the fact that it belongs to the famous series Head First, the book which is considered one of the best in the field of education.

The book covers the following topics:
➕ introduction to functions and arrays;
➕ objects;
➕ Dom;
➕ asynchronous programming;
➕ anonymous functions, scope and closures;
➕ use of prototypes.

➖ some of the explanations are very tight;
➖ there are also errors in the code.

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