Learning Vue.js 2. Olga Filipova


 This book is about Vue.js. We will start our journey trying to understand what Vue.js is, how it compares to other frameworks, and what it allows us to do. We will learn different aspects of Vue.js while building small funny applications on top of it and applying these aspects in practice. In the end, we will look back to see what've we learned and have a look into the future to see what we can still learn and do. So, you will learn the following:

  • What is Vue.js and how it works
  • Reactivity and data binding with Vue.js
  • Reusable components with Vue.js
  • Plugins for Vue.js
  • Testing and deploying applications written in Vue.js

 All the examples in this book are built on top of the recently released Vue 2.0 version. The book also contains references to the previous version regarding deprecated or changed aspects of the framework.
 I am sure you will enjoy the process of building applications using Vue.js with this book.

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