Java EE Web Application Primer. A.J. Henley, Dave Wolf


Build an online messaging app using Java Servlets, JSP, Expression Language, JSTL, JPQL, Sessions/Cookies, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and the Bootstrap framework. This book explains Java EE, along with its associated technologies making it perfect for those with at least basic programming experience in Java or C. Java EE Web Application Primer teaches you how to develop complete web applications using Oracle as the database. By the end of the book you will have developed an online messaging app like Twitter. From there you can create other applications such as an online survey tool.
What You’ll Learn
Build a Twitter-like web application called Bullhorn using Java, Oracle, and more
Create web applications using Eclipse
Design web pages with HTML forms, tables, and more
Use SQL along with Java and Oracle for database accessibility
Connect to a database using the Java Persistence APIs
Create dynamic web pages with JavaScript, JSP, and the tag libraries
Get web pages to stand out with Bootstrap, jQuery, and CSS
Who This Book Is For
Those with at least basic programming experience in Java or C.

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