The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing. Peter Kim


This is the second iteration of Hacker Playbook (THP). For those who have read the first book, this
continuation of this book. The following is an overview of all the new vulnerabilities and attacks that
discuss. In addition to new content, attacks and tricks from the first book, which are still
relevant to date, included to eliminate the need to refer to the first book. So what's new?
Some of the updated attacks over the past year and a half include:
Good idea.
Kerberos problems (Golden ticket / skeleton key)
PTH Postgres
New Spear Phishing
Better / Cheaper Dropbox
Faster / Smarter Password Hacking
NEW Wi FI attacks
Tons of PowerShell scripts
Privileges In The System
Mass network compromise
Moving towards smarter
Burp Modules
Printer Exploits
Backdoor Plant
Zap proxy
sticky keys
In NoSQL Injections
Commercial Tools (Cobalt Strike, Canvas, Core Impact)
Laboratory sections
And much more

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