List of Tools for Kali Linux



This reference guide describes every tool one by one and is aimed at anyone who wants to get familiar with digital forensics and penetration testing or refresh their knowledge in these areas with tools available in Kali Linux Note! I’ve tried to gather as much information as possible, however, even despite that, some entries don’t have information, which I might update if I get more information.
Also, mistakes are inevitable The purpose was to create the most detailed source of every tool in Kali Linux for quick reference and better understanding Some tools fall under several categories, which means that duplicate entries exist in the full ~670 pages long source.
The information about every tool usually consists of: DESCRIPTION, USAGE, EXAMPLE and sometimes OPTIONS and TIPs Kali Linux tools are not limited to Kali Linux / Backtrack (most can be installed on other Linux distributions taking into consideration all the necessary dependencies.
Additionally, some tools are also available on other types of operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS) Kali Linux is a new and developing OS – some tools may be added, some - updated, some – removed over time It is assumed that all tools are run as root (or as administrator) (in Kali Linux you are root by default) All the information gathered about each tool has been found freely on the Internet and is publicly available Sources of information are referenced at the end Most command line tools include options, however, due to space considerations, only some tools have options listed (search the internet for options, read documentation/manual, use –h or --help) For more information on each tool - search the internet, click on links or check the references at the end PLEASE DO NOT USE KALI LINUX AND THE TOOLS LISTED HERE FOR ANY ILLEGAL OPERATION! Tools which are specifically aimed at DOS, DDOS or anonymity are rarely used in legitimate engagements, and are therefore not installed by default in Kali Linux.

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