DDoS Handbook. 2015. Radware


 Since the first denial of service (DoS) was launched in 1974, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and other DoS attacks have remained among the most persistent and damaging cyber-attacks. These attacks reflect hackers’ frustratingly high levels of tenacity and creativity—and create complex and dynamic challenges for anyone responsible for cyber security.

 While cyber-threats are by nature a moving target, this primer offers an overview to help detect and mitigate attacks. Radware’s DDoS Handbook delivers:

 • Brief history of DDoS attacks plus a roundup of recent cyber-attacks

 • Overview of major attack types and tools

 • Brief discussion of the ongoing evolution of enterprise security

 • Actionable tools and tips for attack detection and mitigation

 • Detailed vendor evaluation checklist for DDoS and cyber-attack detection and mitigation

 • DDoS dictionary to help communicate about and address threats

 Throughout the handbook, you’ll also encounter some key findings and analysis from Radware’s 2014-2015 Global Application & Network Security Report—one of the industry’s leading pieces of research into DDoS and other cyber-attacks.

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