Delphi Cookbook. Daniele Teti


With this book, you will gain valuable and practical knowledge of the latest functionalities of Delphi. Starting with the foundations, you will work on your VCL application, customize the TDBGrid, and configure your runtime class using RTTI. Going forward, you will build on this foundation and deploy FireMonkey to go cross-platform or even call FireMonkey from a VCL project, and you will fully understand how you can include Delphi on your server. Finally, you will use App Tethering, call Android and iOS SDK classes, and even use the Android TextToSpeech engine to add sounds to your phone! With this learning resource at your side, you will acquire all that a RAD Studio developer needs to know about Delphi in one complete, informative guide.
Who This Book Is For
Intended to refresh the basics of Delphi as well as advance your knowledge to the next level, it is assumed you will know RAD studio and the Object Pascal language. However, if you are not an experienced RAD studio programmer this accessible guide will still develop those initial crucial skills.
What You Will Learn
Create visually stunning applications using FireMonkey
Effectively use LiveBindings with the right OOP approach
Create server-side programs to serve RESTful web services and provide data to your mobile apps
Develop mobile apps using well-defined GUI design patterns for a great user experience
Build efficient mobile apps that read data from a remote server
Call the platform-native API on Android and iOS even for an unpublished API
Use extended RTTI to better manage the software customization for your customer
Leverage the most popular design patterns for a better design without wasting too much time debugging

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